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Lechan Custom/Customized Glass Bottles

We work with our customers to develop customized glass packaging to reflect their product concept and marketing strategy in three ways: appearance, feel and materials. Good design can make the product have a clear logo and have strategic significance in the market.

Custom glass bottle designs for cosmetics Due to the choice of shape, color and surface treatment, glass makes the product unique and unmistakable. The design of the glass bottle determines whether the appearance of the product is fashionable, unique and harmonious, and consumers then judge the quality of the contents. At the same time, we should also design different bottles for different cosmetic usage habits. The customized glass bottle design makes the product stand out, strengthens the brand message and provides consumers with more information-not only through the details on the label, but also through the reminiscent image of its appearance. We create customized glass packaging based on the customer's design blueprints, opinions or the opinions of external packaging designers. In either case, lechan experts will work closely with your customers. Careful coordination, communication and feedback are the basis for the successful implementation of product ideas.


The shape, color, surface treatment and function of the customized glass bottle are combined to form a whole. The interaction between these elements makes each glass packaging design unique and consistent with the product and its marketing image. The glass is colored in the furnace or in subsequent processes in the forehearth or feeder. Different methods provide flexibility and wide chromatographic range. In the traditional furnace coloring process, we mix colors into molten glass blocks composed of quartz sand, soda water, limestone, dolomite and waste glass. Depending on the color, the proportion of glass used may be as high as 90%. This method is used to create eight standard shades: bright white, fresh and stylish primurur, bright spring green, sparkling Vetrogreen, tasteful olive, golden late summer feuillemorte, frosted and cloudy dents, and warm Earth brown.

Of course, we can also meet the requirements of various colors. For smaller production volumes and special colors, our glass manufacturer adds color concentrates to the molten glass in the feeder. The color palette of custom glass packaging ranges from deep cobalt and transparent, aqua blue to subtle green and deepest black.

The color of the glass determines not only the appearance of the package, but also its function. The darker the color, the less affected by light. Light can change the color of food and beverages, cause loss of vitamins, affect taste or shorten product shelf life. Therefore, the degree of translucency (or protection from light) is particularly important when choosing colors for custom glass bottles. From classic to light colors, a variety of colors can be used.

Custom design 

Custom bottling and packaging design Packaging and display are extremely important parts of marketing. By working with lechan's bottles, jars, and packaging design and manufacturing experts to create your own customized packaging, ensure that your products stand out from the crowd. Whether you want to use glass, plastic or tin to make custom packaging, we will work with you to design a special packaging for your product. Your customers can recognize many brands just by the shape of the bottle or packaging-by customizing the packaging design, you can ensure that your product line is equally memorable! We are a customized glass bottle manufacturer and an expert in packaging customization. From the initial design stage to the first production of unique glass bottles, the development process of each individual product is managed in detail. 

beautiful image Custom-made glass bottles with beautiful appearance, unique container design and printing and labeling always attract people's attention. Glass bottles have certain characteristics that make them ideal containers for many products. Some products can only be packaged in glass, while other products are packaged in glass, so the asking price is higher. If you are in the market of custom glass bottle manufacturers, you need to find the best so you can get ahead in the business. Custom glass bottles can be manufactured using blow molding or pressing techniques. There are also various glass qualities and various sealing covers. In addition to shapes, customized glass bottles can also be painted, printed, hot stamped, engraved, embossed and marked in different ways. From the most traditional methods (screen printing, acid etching, coating) to the most popular methods (metallization, attachment attachment, image transfer, flocking, immersion transfer), find what we provide on the decorative bottle page Different technical solutions.

Various bottle shapes

 From the most extensive catalog of distance measurement models on the market or from the concept of shape,  unique expertise brings you the best solution, and your project progresses to every detail, improving the quality of the product, whether it is Conical, cylindrical or any other shape.

You can get customized bottle manufacturing services at a preferential price without compromising quality. We have a good track record in the packaging business and ensure that our global suppliers can ensure timely delivery and the unique packaging you want.

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