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50ml Square Glass Perfume Bottle

We supply square perfume bottles, size including 50ml, 100ml, and so on.

Product Description

Product Description


50ml Square Glass Perfume Bottle



How to choose the perfect perfume bottle:



1.How important is packaging in the perfumery business?


The packaging of perfume is glamorous, and the luxurious packaging will make consumers feel that the product is unique. At the same time pay attention to the handling of packaging details, which can greatly increase the sales price of the product.


2.Advantages of using glass bottles to hold perfume:

 Packed in Square Perfume Bottles, it is high-end and beautiful in appearance. The molecules of glass bottles are stable and not easy to odor, and glass bottle packaging is the best. Mainly for beautiful craftsmanship, prevent volatilization, and put it in a glass bottle, that is, a material that will not deteriorate even if it is in contact with perfume and ethanol for a long time. The best material that can give perfume a special texture that shines like jewelry is grass.



3. Can provide samples and customization?


Can be customized and  provide sample, according to customer requirements, to achieve a unique design, time according to the design of the pattern will be completed as soon as possible.

Note: Capacity. Alcohol will expand at high temperatures, so be sure to leave a margin.


4.What can we offer you?


Good packaging suppliers are not just salespeople who sell according to catalogs. Should understand the aesthetic and technical issues of developing perfume packaging. In this regard, Lechan should be very flexible and can give you good advice to ensure that you not only get what you want, but also what you need.


Factory Wholesale 50ml Square Glass Perfume Bottles50ml Square Glass Perfume BottleFactory Wholesale 50ml Perfume Bottles


50ml Men Cologne Square Spray Perfume Bottle

Size: 75*32*63mm

Weight: 125g


50ml Perfume Bottle.jpg50ml Perfume Bottle factory.jpg  

Spray / Pump cap :

50ml Square Glass Perfume Bottle

50ML empty square glass perfume bottles

1.jpg50ml Square Glass Perfume Bottle

Our Advantage


  Our company
Minimum order quantity We have bottles in stock, just need little minimum order quantity
package PP bags + carton boxes
After sales We have our own after sales team, if you have any questions can contact us in any time.
Established time Our company has been established for 6 years


Our service


Factory Wholesale 30ml 50ml 100ml Square Glass Perfume Bottles




Factory Wholesale 30ml 50ml 100ml Square Glass Perfume Bottles



Other Perfume Bottle Specifications We Can Supply


Product Type Essential oil bottle, glass dropper bottle, round bottle, e liquid essential oil bottle, perfume bottle
Color Amber blue green black clear or other customized color
Material glass
Usage Essential oil, juice, perfume
Cap Type Dropper cap, bamboo cap, plastic cap, aluminum cap, Childproof cap, tamper childproof cap, spray cap, pump cap, screw cap
Capacity 30ml 50ml 100ml, etc
Logo Accept add your logo on the bottles
Service screen printing/hot stamping/label or other surface handing according to customer's
Sample Provided freely samples.
Packing PP bags + carton box
Leading Time In 3-5 days after received your payment
Transport By express, sea, land, air, etc.
Port Guangzhou, main port in China
Payment Term T/T, western union, paypal, money gram



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