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All Bamboo Cosmetic Bottles

The Benefits of Bamboo for Packaging
Bamboo models a higher compressive strength than wood, brick, and concrete. It is also often compared to steel for its rigid strength, and it can withstand heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, bamboo offers a lot of versatility for packaging companies from its renewability to its versatility.

Low Cost
Since bamboo grows around the world, it’s much easier to access. Bamboo cultivation itself does not require a lot of land, resources, or time. This means that it’s much more easily accessible for manufacturers.

Bamboo is a great replacement for materials such as plastic, and it can meet the sustainability goals of many businesses. As more and more customers prioritize purchases based on companies’ sustainability goals, it’s crucial that businesses are looking for ways to increase their environmentally friendly strategies.

Manufacturing Process
Another key component to using bamboo is ensuring that the manufacturing process works to reclaim excess byproducts, such as the water that is leftover from the mechanical pulping process. No toxic chemicals should be added to the combination, and every option should be optimized for responsible use of the earth’s resources.

End-of-Life Focus
To be truly sustainable and good for the environment, a material must be able to decompose or be easily degraded under normal environmental factors. Bamboo has been certified as compostable by the ASTM International standards, meaning that it’s known to compost at a rate comparable to known compostable materials.

Customer Attraction
With the increased awareness and concern over climate change, consumers and companies are constantly searching for environmentally responsible options for their everyday needs. Consumers want to support companies that are prioritizing the earth’s health, and bamboo packaging is a sustainable option.

bamboo cosmetic jars

There are several types of Bamboo Cosmetic Jars, but the end user is the same: as biodegradable containers for beauty creams. They are ideal packaging for products such as organic concealers, facial cleansers and sunscreens. A real bamboo cosmetic jar is a showcase of polished bamboo wood properties that are unique and non-toxic. Inside is a typical bamboo cosmetic packaging with acrylic, glass, PP or PE main body, inner lid, lid liner or inner bowl packaging. All external parts (such as the outer lid and base) are made of 100% bamboo. They are the perfect embodiment of eco-friendly containers for cosmetics. They are widely chosen by brands committed to creating products with environmentally friendly and sustainable materials.

Decoration of bamboo cosmetic jars

Making a bamboo cosmetic container is a three-step process. First, the best bamboo is carefully selected, and then the raw material passes through the blades of a cutting machine. The cut parts are then handed over to skilled artisans for decoration.

Bamboo tubes can be decorated to help them stand out more. To achieve the desired effect, manufacturers use different techniques such as screen printing, etching, stamping, frosting, engraving and laser engraving.

Any of these techniques can be used to create a smooth surface, combine company logos or embed instructions.

Color of bamboo cosmetic jars

Like wood, bamboo is a raw material that can be polished to create a unique visual effect. Some of the most common colors and patterns that manufacturers can create include natural bamboo, zebra stripes and burnt colors.

Capacity of bamboo cosmetic jars

Bamboo Cosmetics can be customized to meet customer volume requirements. Typical volumes are 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml, 150ml and 200ml.

Refillable of bamboo cosmetic jars

Lotions, creams, toners, lip balms, cosmetic sample jars, face creams with lids, makeup eye shadows, eye creams, toners

Nowadays, cosmetic bottles made of bamboo are widely used because of their environmental friendliness and harmlessness.

Some of the available bamboo cosmetic jars types

10 Gram Plastic Cosmetic Containers with Lids

Frosted Glass Cream Jars, Natural Bamboo lids Empty Refillable Cosmetic Container Bottles 

5ML/5g/0.17oz Empty Refillable Eco Bamboo Shell PP Inner Cream Jars Bottles

Empty Sample Jars Containers with Bamboo Lids


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