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PET Shampoo Bottle

Plastic shampoo bottles wholesale: plastic conditioner shampoo bottles

Shampoo and conditioner bottles provide convenient packaging for liquids and gels. They are available in a variety of sizes, from small cylindrical bottles to squat large round bulk items. Various colors offer a wide range of options for product display.

Plastic Packaging Shampoo Bottles

Choose from PET, LDPE, HDPE, MDPE and PVC plastic bottles that are ideal for shampoo and conditioner bottles. Each type of plastic shares common qualities with the others, as well as their own unique characteristics. For example, PET bottles are clear and impact resistant. HDPE is highly flexible. MDPE is highly resistant to shocks when dropped. 

Match your products to the best materials. 

Shampoo and conditioner bottle types and their features

Attractively display semi-liquid items such as moisturizers and lotions with a clear option with a disc top cap. HDPE bullet bottles have a rounded base that provides stability and prevents unwanted product spills due to drops. The sturdy MDPE plastic bottles offer excellent impact resistance for packaging bath products and other items that are often handled with wet hands. Choose from a variety of color options, including purple, amber and green, to create a vibrant shelf display. 

Types of plastic shampoo bottles caps

Like many health and beauty bottles, lotion pump bottles evenly dispense predetermined amounts of products such as liquid hand soap and antibacterial gels. Pivoting nozzle caps effectively pour liquids into concentrated streams and protect the contents from accidental and unintended spillage, even when opened. Pack sticky products such as shampoos and conditioners in bottles with disc top caps that provide large, unrestricted openings. Fill squeezable pouring tubes with thick products such as sunscreens and body washes. 

Our Shampoo Bottles Offer

A large inventory of plastic bottles in a variety of shapes and sizes that feature different neck size variations. Each plastic shampoo and conditioner bottle can come with an easy to dispense or seal cap in a color to match your brand.

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