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Boston Bottle

Classic Boston Round Bottles wholesale

A classic bottle shape in the packaging industry, the Boston Round Bottle (also known as a Winchester Bottle), can hold almost any liquid or solid. Traditionally used for pharmaceutical, chemical and laboratory applications, popular uses break the mold and extend across most markets today. Boston Round Bottles have a narrow neck size when compared to other container types, making them the ideal bottle shape for a variety of closure styles.  Caps sold separately.

Amber Boston Round Glass Bottles

Our amber Boston round bottles are made from the highest quality brown glass to provide optimum UV protection for light sensitive contents. Perfect for essential oils, herbal tinctures, and food products, these bottles are made for commercial and personal use. All prices include phenolic cap, dropper, sprayer or pump.

Boston Round Glass Container is used in cosmetic industries

Comes In an array of assorted colors

Darker colors (such as amber) are ideal for products that need protection from UV rays, which include liquids like essential oils

Perfect container for storing all types of products like hand soap, lotions, and oils   

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