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How to Protect Essential Oil Bottles and Other Glass Bottles From Light?

May. 31, 2021

The most Custom Glass Bottle Manufacturers, share with you. From food, medicine, cosmetics to pesticides, almost every field involves glass bottle packaging. Glass bottle packaging has a long history. Compared with other packaging, it is safer, more practical and reliable. However, essential oil bottles, olive oil bottles, and glass bottle packaging also have some defects.

Customized Glass Bottles

Customized Glass Bottles

Glass bottles are transparent, which is one of its advantages as packaging. Compared with metal packaging, it can display the packaged products at a glance and stimulate our desire to buy. However, because glass bottles are used for the packaging of food and medicine products, some products need to be protected from light, such as fruit juices, such as medicines. The requirements for light protection of these products will affect the product's shelf life, which requires Improve the light-shielding performance of glass bottles.

Currently, there are two main approaches.

One is to use colored essential oil bottles, olive oil bottles, and glass bottles. For example, essential oil glass bottles are packaged in dark glass bottles to meet the requirements for protection from light.

Another way is to improve the material itself of transparent essential oil bottles, olive oil bottles, and glass bottles, and reduce the harm of light to products through the absorption of light by the medium of the glass bottle.

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