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Glass Cream Jar Series -- 3 Things You Should Know

Dec. 21, 2021

When it comes to clear glass cream jars, most people think of cosmetic and candle applications because its straight walls, round shape and wide mouth naturally fit these common applications. Think jams, pickles, even beverages.

Clear glass cream jars have been a common form of glass packaging for decades, and their ease of access has made them a popular choice for many product packagers. So when you look at our collection of glass cream jars, here are 3 things you should look for.


Glass Cream Bottle


1. Heavyweight Glass Options

You may find "heavyweight cream jar" options when you choose a smaller capacity, the main difference between these heavyweight and standard cream jar counterparts is the thickness of its walls and base. Heavyweight creamers have a thicker base to give you a better look. These heavyweight cream jars are mainly used in the cosmetic industry and add an elegant look to the overall package. These jars match perfectly with our plastic domed caps or silver prairie caps.


2. Lining Options

The liner is an important part of your package. While most people prefer the lowest cost option, liners may not be the ideal choice. We recommend that all customers contact us for the best liner recommendations. We detail common liner options and their best uses here. Also, be sure to obtain samples and perform compatibility testing before ordering large production quantities. If you would like to test multiple caps with a sample order, please contact us prior to placing your order.


3. Jar Seal Uses

If you want to keep your products dust free, Jar Seal is a good choice. Ideal for most of the cap options we offer, the Jar Seal is a loose piece of plastic that allows you to place the cap on the jar before closing it. While it does not provide a tamper-resistant seal, it does provide an additional dust barrier for your product. We do not recommend using the jar seal for liquid products as it does not prevent spillage.


Feel free to browse our collection of glass cream jars here and don't be shy if you have questions. We have in-house packaging engineers who can advise you on the best liner options and answer any questions you may have.


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