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Is Essential Oil Bottle Amber Glass Or Dark Purple Glass Important?

Oct. 11, 2021

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As we all know, all substances will degrade, no matter what, including your  oils and resins. We know that the main causes of degradation are light, heat and  oxygen. These have contributed to the so-called "rapid oxidation" to a large  extent. Rapid oxidation is a process in which the chemicals in essential oils  are changed and broken down, slowly losing the therapeutic efficacy of the  entire product. As a Custom Glass Bottle Manufacturers, share with you.

Light, oxygen and heat.

Triple threat:

Light, oxygen and heat are the main factors that promote the life of  organisms, so when organisms mature, those elements that give them life will  cause their own decay. This is the same for any plant product. When your product  is exposed to heat, light and oxygen, this lays the foundation for the  decomposition of organic volatile compounds in the product.

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Let's study it further.


Most of us know that oxygen is the main factor in the degradation of volatile materials. When oxygen reacts with the components of essential oils or volatile substances, its chemical composition is changed. The change in the chemical composition of essential oils means that you will not get the same characteristics as when you first bought the product.


When an organic compound is heated to a temperature higher than the average temperature, the rate of molecular vibration increases, thus contributing to the rate of molecular decomposition.


The last is light. There are now two types of light. Visible, invisible.

Starting from invisibility, this will include; radio, infrared, ultraviolet, X-ray and gamma rays. Ultraviolet light is the most commonly mentioned type of light. It is a well-known invisible light that can cause free radical damage. This will change the chemical composition of botanicals, may reduce the therapeutic effect of the product, and may even produce new harmful chemicals.

So how does it all fit together?

It is more common than ever that retail plant products such as essential oils, resins and extracts are packaged in standard amber glass.

Scientific views on ultraviolet and visible light

Although some people claim that amber glass is sufficient to protect your products from minor damage, new research on the subject shows that this does not guarantee that your botanicals will be fully protected.

There are two types of light. Ultraviolet (UV) light and visible light (Vis). These are believed to accelerate the oxidation process and lead to the formation of specific free radicals, thereby reducing the therapeutic effect of botanicals.

Although the research cited in this article is mainly related to dermatological research, the general concept of light excitation is the same. This is the process of absorbing radiant energy to excite the atoms or molecules of a substance.

Colored oils are more susceptible to light

In the case of essential oils, this is especially relevant for darker oils. Colored oils tell you that there is significant activity in the visible spectrum, and light has the ability to affect oils because they are exposed to all frequencies in the visible spectrum. Examples of colored oils are blue chamomile or blue tansy because of their high chamomile content.

Being able to see the product inside the bottle means that a certain degree of visible light waves are passing through.

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